Monday, February 18, 2008

Step Two: Sign Up for Google Adsense

This one is very important, and it requires that you have set up either blogs or web sites (or both!). Google Adsense provides you a simple and legitimate way to "monetize" your web sites and blogs - i.e. earning money from them. Simply by placing Google ads in your web site / blog, you are giving yourself the opportunity to earn potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars - it all depends upon the amount of traffic (i.e. visitors) your web site generates, and it further depends upon your visitors clicking on those Google Ads you have placed. One earns money with each "click" as your web site visitors click on the Google Ads - and you do not need to sell anything. Each click generates revenue. I will explain how:

People that pay to have their ads advertised in Google Adsense bid on "advertising keywords", and the advertisers pay for each click for certain keywords in order to be displayed on your screen and others in the form of text ads. The advertisers can further refine their advertising by region, country, city, so that money is not wasted in markets (cities/countries/regions) where the ads will not produce fruitful results. Some keywords will generate clicks that are only a few pennies in revenue to you, and some will generate clicks that generate revenues of several dollars and more. Each unique click provides legitimate revenue, and depending upon the traffic to your site (and the clicks) there are some with web sites and blogs generating many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH in Google revenues alone!

You will need a web site(s) (i.e. domain name + hosting) and/or blog(s) in order to implement this revenue-generating strategy that works for you 24 / 7 / 365 as your web sites and blogs never cease WORKING FOR YOU! Even 10 USD /year for domain + 90 USD /year for hosting is well worth the price because this overhead price is minimal when compared with the overhead of costs that a "brick-and-mortar" business requires each month. So if you need to purchase a domain name, you can start your search for available domain names at my web site There there is a search box at the top of every page (below the Google Search Box and below the horizontal top-menu of links) so you can begin your search there if you are looking to purchase a domain (or many domains) in order to develop serious and custom web sites that streamline your business processes and operations. The more professional, comprehensive, and complete your web site(s) / blog(s) are, the easier it will be for you to see generated revenues 24 / 7 / 365.

If you prefer setting up these revenue-generating techniques in a free blog, I will show you how to set up a blog in the next blog post.

In the meantime, sign up for Google Adsense, and I will show you how to install / implement it in a blog or web site in the next blog post. There is a link (white button) in the right-menu of this blog that is provided for your convenience.  Don't let another moment pass - Click on the link, and sign up immediately for Google Adsense. 

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Step One: Sign Up for PayPal Merchant Account

Since so many of the ways to make money on the internet that I will show you involve either full-automation (i.e. sit back after set-up and earn money) or semi-automation (i.e. involves some part-time maintainence work on your part to keep things running profitably), a new financial reality has arisen of how to send and receive money via the internet. One can't expect to pay by check or make payment by bank wire-transfers - as they are just not practical in today's Internet Economy. A major part of the internet's appeal is its ability to provide instantaneous transactions, to send and confirm receipt of the payment instantly, and either instantaneously receive the product (e.g. software downloads, membership access to subscription web sites, etc.), or immediately know that the goods or services you have purchased are now being processed and soon will be delivered (e.g. purchases from or Ebay).

Since your goal is to make money with the internet, you will also need to establish for yourself a Merhant Account so that you, too, will have the ability to accept payments via electronic (internet) money transfers and payments by credit cards.

One option is to open yourself a Merchant Account with a Credit Card Gateway / Payment System so that you could access credit card payments, but with this option you will pay no less than 25 USD /month (and sometimes more than 100 USD /month) PLUS a percentage commission for each sale/purchase, as well as set up the web site software which is often very difficult to configure and set up properly. Additionally, many people don't feel comfortable giving their credit card information to unknown merchants (i.e. you and me), so this is not a viable option for most smaller merchants like us.

The solution is to sign up for a PayPal Merchant Account. PayPal is absolutely Free with no monthly fees to pay, and no software to set up and configure. The buyer pays only the price of the purchased goods or services, and the merchant (i.e. you and me), pay only a small percentage fee per-purchase of 1.9% to 2.9% (depending upon purchase amount) +$0.30 USD per transaction to receive the payment from the buyer. PayPal provides a secure way to pay by credit cards, as well as provides a secure way to send money directly from your bank account - i.e. the merchant NEVER knows your sensitive financial information - PayPal operates as a trusted financial payment system that guarantees to the buyer that the financial information is secure, instantaneously confirms that payment is good, and transfers the money (minus the transaction fee) to the merchant's PayPal account. Additionally, PayPal also insures for the buyer all transactions up to $1,000 USD so that if the buyer receives faulty merchandise (or no merchandise at all) after payment, PayPal will work to resolve the issue and if not possible to resolve with the merchant, the buyer can rest assured that no money will be lost or stolen.

Additionally, after you sign up, when others that sign up for PayPal Merchant Accounts through your referrals (either by e-mail or by web sites and blogs that I will show you how to create), you will receive Merchant Referral Bonuses based upon their earnings. During the first 12 months you will earn 0.5% of their total business done with PayPal - up to $1000 USD - from both their activities of BOTH receiving and sending money. So if a Merchant either sends (purchases) or receives money using his/her PayPal account for e.g. $10,000 USD, you will receive $50 USD bonus. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start making money. Remember, this is just step one. Not all of our eggs will be in this one basket. I am going to show you how to implement a comprehensive program of how to make money with the internet.

So if you want to start making money (including receiving money electronically) with the internet, step one is to sign up for a PayPal Merchant Account. Make sure you choose either PayPal Premier Account or PayPal Business Account, and NOT PayPal Personal Account. Personal Accounts don't provide the same merchant services, and involve higher fees the limited merchant servies it does provide. Both Premier and Business Accounts are ABSOLUTELY FREE so sign up for a PayPal Premier or Business Merchant Account, and then move on to Step Two (in the next blog post).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Make $$$ Money $$$ with the Internet

In case you haven't already noticed, the internet is unlike any other tool (and means of communication) in history in that it gives you the Power of Automation on a massive, global basis - to literally set up and set in place a web site that will work for you 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week, 365 Days per Year, every year, while you sit back and enjoy a literal "Cash Machine" that will generate for you income and profits beyond your wildest dreams. There is nothing illegal or illegitimate involved. The simple secret to this success is simple business wisdom: that because the internet is so recent and relatively new to so many, not everyone knows about these strategies and techniques, neither do they know how to properly apply them (or even set them up!) - so people who have insight and experience into how these literal Automated Cash Machines operate obviously have the competitive advantage.

To understand my background, I am a web site developer, online marketer, and search engine consultant for the last 10+ years. I know how to build and develop web sites very easily, very quickly, and very profitably. I have literally made tens of thousands of dollars with the strategies and techniques that I will share with you here in this blog, and because everything is automated, the money being earned is growing each day - and I don't have to lift a finger if I do not want to (but I do want to because I want these streams and avenues of income to increase and grow and be even more successful than they are today). The things I share with you are seriously profitable if you take the time to set them up properly - and the cool thing is that they don't take so much time to set up properly.

There are going to be many out there who will resent that I am exposing the secrets they use to make money on the internet because they all want to sell you their "E-books" for 50-300 USD for a 40-page PDF file in order to reveal to you the same strategies, techniques, tips, and secrets that I will reveal to you here or free.

You may be asking yourself what interest I have in showing you how to make money with the Internet? The answer is simple: I make money as you make money (and only if you make money!), yet you do not ever pay me even 1 USD - and this is NOT a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Pyramid Scheme where some sucker is left "holding the bag" - you will not shell out even 1 USD to purchase anything whatsoever! - All of these strategies, techniques, tips, and secrets COST YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yes, absolutely free, and you will understand why if you take the time to carefully follow the steps that I will show you here, so bookmark this blog now because I will always be adding to this blog regularly, and you do not want to miss out and let the other guy get there before you! Just like I do, you can start to make money online WITHOUT HAVING TO SELL ANYTHING - unless you want to sell! I will also show you how to make massive money online by selling goods via Ebay, as well as show you how to set up income streams with what is known as "Affiliate Marketing". There are countless ways to make automated and semi-automated money using the internet. This is legitimate, massive, automated sales of legitimate goods and services that are in very high demand, and on a massive, global, worldwide basis that when set up properly will work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. How is this possible?

This is exactly what I will show you.

The short answer is: the Internet makes it possible. It will take some time to give you the long-answer, so I suggest you keep reading. I promise you that it is worth it.

I won't lie to you. It will take time to properly set up. As King Solomon used to say, "To all labor there is fruit". By "fruit" he obviously is using a visual metaphor to convey profit - whether it be financial, emotional, or spiritual. To all labor there is fruit. No Pain, No Gain. There is no such thing as making instant profits with no work whatsoever - so don't believe anybody who tells you otherwise (i.e. those E-book "gurus"). You have to work to set all this stuff up, but with the Internet the automation you set up and put in place will reap you profits long-after you have completed the set-up work; if you can spend 20-40 hours to properly set up a fully-functional, fully-automated web site that works for you 24 / 7 / 365 generating for you multiple, diversified streams of income, would you agree that 40 hours is worth the effort to see long-term results of automated sales, transactions, and profit?